What is 7 Day Car Insurance?

7 day car insurance is the perfect type of insurance that provides you with cover that’s lasts up to 7 days and therefore cuts out any unnecessary costs.

Thousands of car drivers find themselves in a situation where they need to have the use of a different car to what they usually drive and want to take out an additional insurance.

With cover that is totally separate to your usual insurance policy it means that you can protect your no claims bonus and so giving you protection should you have an accident without adding any increases to your normal policy.

With 7 day car insurance you can benefit from all the cover that you would normally expect to receive when you take out a yearly option and you can make a claim should the worse happen. As with your usual policy your provider will take into account your age and driving experience and other factors such as the car you wish to be insured for and if you want and additional drivers on the policy. You can obtain this insurance on most cars providing they are a UK register vehicle, whether it is a classic car or a flashy sports vehicle, you can be sure that you are covered.

Short term car insurance policies are becoming a major consideration for many drivers and for a lot of people times are becoming increasingly difficult in regards to money and that’s why we pride ourselves in being able to find the best deal for all of our customers. 7 day insurance gives you all the protection you need, protecting you with road legal insurance but is also one that doesn’t mean you have to pay all the additional costs as you would with your usual yearly cover. Saving money on the little things means that you can benefit in the long run.

We’ll find you which provider can offer you the best deal on your 7 day car insurance policy, with a few clicks you’ll know and you will be able to have your policy confirmed making you road legal and be able to keep hold of a few pounds.

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